GIKO 1200H N95


1.Cone shape design greatly increases mask internal volume, which relieves the sultry feeling and makes breathing more comfortable. 2.The 3D form is made from a non-pressurized production technique that preserves the mask shape and helps in increasing filtration efficiency and lowering breathing resistance. 3.Aluminium nose piece is highly malleable and conforms to the nose bridge shape effortlessly. This results in a perfect seal between the mask and the nose. 4.High-density sponge strip is placed strategically to relief pressure on the nose bridge and makes for comfortable wear. 5.Elasticated head straps with the right tension allow for long period of donning without the added pressure.


Industrial setting: Suitable for use to protect from all kinds of dust and non-oil base particulates below the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) generated from the following activities such as construction, mining, casting, wood working, cotton processing, flour processing, electronics soldering, pharmaceutical processing, material handling and grinding operations. Everyday use: Sanitary work, smog/haze (PM2.5), car exhaust, dust, pollen, bacteria, influenza flu virus, and odor removal, and, etc.

Protection level

Approved N95 respirator by NIOSH, complies to 42 CFR part 84

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