GIKO 1400 N95


1. The appearance of the mask is designed with duck's beak, which greatly increases the internal space of the mask, relieving the stuffy feeling during breathing and making breathing more comfortable.Easy to carry. 2. Plastic nose clip can be shaped arbitrarily according to the shape of the bridge of the nose to ensure the tightness of the mask and the nose. 3. High-density sponge strips can relieve pressure on the nose and make it more comfortable to wear. 4. Elastic braided head belt design, long time wearing, no pressure pain.


Industrial site: can be used to protect the construction, mining, casting, wood, cotton, flour processing, electronic, pharmaceutical, material processing and grinding operations, the concentration value does not exceed the occupational exposure limits of all kinds of dust and non-oily fog. Living place: Haze (PM2.5), tail gas, dust, influenza, etc.

Protection level

NIOSH CFR42, P.84, N95 level of protection

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