Standard:42 CFR Part 84 N95 TC-84A-5194







1. Its exterior adopts a 3D modeling design that allows more breathing space and prevents the mask from collapsing.

2. It adopts an aluminum nose clip which can be shaped according to the shape of the nose bridge to fit closely with the nose.

3. It adopts a high-density sponge bar to relieve the pressure on the nose and make the mask more comfortable to wear.

4. It adopts elastic braided binding tie to allay pressing pain for long-time wearing.

5. It adopts exhalation valve design to help discharge heat and moisture, reduce exhalation resistance, relieve the feeling of oppression during breathing, and make breathing easier.


Industrial sites: Available for protective construction, mining, casting, wood, cotton, flour processing, electronics, pharmacy, material handling, grinding and other workplaces for all types of dust and non-oily fog whose concentration values do not exceed the range of occupational exposure limits.

Living places: Available for cleaning and sanitation, and places that generate haze (PM2.5), car exhaust, dust, pollen, bacteria, flu, etc.