Shanghai Gangkai Purifying Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and is located in Songjiang district, a place famously known as the “historic origin of Shanghai”.

Corporate Culture

Focus: Since it inception, Shanghai Gangkai has been committed to the development of facemask. Every member of our team constantly strive to excel in whatever we do.

Quality:We have a comprehensive quality system operated by a dedicated team of quality professional. Every steps of the manufacturing process is strictly monitored to ensure the customers receive the best possible quality facemasks which roll out from the production lines.

Professionalism:We have a wide range of equipment, analytical software and rich technical experience to continuously improve on facemask performance.


The iconic GIKO respirators have been “bringing you better protection” since 2003. Being a classic series, it has been generally used for personal protection in industries, as well as day-to-day protection from haze and contagious diseases such as influenza virus.


Jiuqian series is a facemask with flat fold design. It is simple and elegant, easy to carry, and a popular mainstream facemask style. This series is manufactured using our in-house developed technologies, demonstrating the “high filtration efficiency and low breathing resistance” characteristics. Appearance wise it is appealing to everyday use and needs for protection, suitable for all daily scenario and environment.

Replaceable filter cotton

Shanghai Gangkai uses imported ultrasonic welding machines to customize facemask shapes and protection levels using replaceable filter media in accordance with customers’ specific requirement.

filter media

We can produce filter media of all classes. Filter media used in the manufacturing of Gangkai’s own brand face masks all come from the company’s own filter media production lines.

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