GIKO3722 头挂式

Standard:AS/NZS 1716:2012 P2







1. Thewillowleaf folding design to allow more breathing space; And it adopts high-efficiency and low-resistance melt-blown filter material to ensure effective filtering quality and low respiratory resistance, as well as portable and convenient features.

2. It adopts a built-in adjustable plastic nose bridge bar that allows the mask to fit more closely to your face.

3. It adopts a high-density sponge bar to relieve the pressure on the nose and make the mask more comfortable to wear.

4. It adopts a wide knitted binding tie to make it comfortable and breathable to wear for a long time.

5. It adopts a fully automated production line, with automated and independent packaging, to ensure clean and sanitary production.

6. It adopts non-fluorescent material to ensure safety in use.


Industrial sites: Available for sites that produce various oily and non-oily dust particles such as foundry, agriculture, laboratory, petrochemical, polishing and grinding, material handling and dust cleaning.

Living places: Available for places that generate haze (PM2.5), exhaust fumes, dust, flu, etc.

Compliance standard

符合澳洲AS/NZS1716:2012 P2认证级别的防护口罩