GIKO 3622V 白、黄、蓝、红松紧带

Standard:EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR


1. Its exterior adopts a 3D modeling design that allows more breathing space and prevents the mask from collapsing.

2. The mask body adopts a 3D integrated forming process to prevent collapsing and deforming, while keeping the original performance of the filter material, improving the filtering efficiency and reducing the respiratory resistance.

3. It adopts 3D curved design in accord with ergonomics to remove the pressing feeling in the position of nose bridge.

4. It adopts elastic braided binding tie to allay pressing pain for long-time wearing.

5. It adopts exhalation valve design to help discharge heat and moisture, reduce exhalation resistance, relieve the feeling of oppression during breathing, and make breathing easier.

6. It adopts non-fluorescent material to ensure safety in use.


Uses: Available for the protection of oily and non-oily particles such as dust and mist generated by bagging, sweeping and various mechanical forces, as well as metal fumes from welding, brazing, cutting and other operations containing metal heating.

Scope of application: Available for jobs that produce oily and non-oily particles such as automotive, electronics, chemical, furniture and household appliances, ship construction, machining and other industries.